Software for Windows®

All apps are independent of runtime libraries such as .net or C-RunTime
and therefore small, fast and secure.

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1 Free Apps

  • ClassicMenu, switches the classic context menu on or off.
  • CopyCD, copies CDs and DVDs, or creates .iso files.
  • CopyMob, mirrors photos and music from smartphone to PC and back again.
  • FakeDriveCheck, verifies if a USB flash or MicroSD drive is fake, corrupted or OK.
  • FileProtection, protects your files from beeing modified by Ransomware.
  • LobbyBrowser, anonymous and user-friendly Chromium-based internet browser.

2 Data Backup

2.1 Private Backup

Private Backup no picture
  • Creates one or more zip-compressed backup copies from a folder or drive.
  • If a file is encrypted, it will remain encrypted inside the backup copy.
Start Private Backup:
  • Reuschtools->Setup->Backup Restore
  • Right-click on a folder or a drive->Private Backup


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2.2 Private Restore

Private Restore no picture
  • Shows a chronological list with all backup copies, that match to this folder or drive.
Start Private Restore:
  • Right-click on a folder or a drive->Private Restore


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3 Data Encryption

3.1 CryptManager

CryptManager has been developed for people who, for example, are subject to medical or legal confidentiality. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU says in Article 5(1)(f): Personal data shall be processed in a manner that ensures protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing by using appropriate technical measures. Data must therefore be securely protected against access by third parties even if a PC is stolen or repaired by a third party. On the other hand, it should be easy to exchange confidential data with other authorized persons via insecure channels. Since cloud storage often does not comply with the prescribed data security standards, backups must be stored there in encrypted form.

CryptManager no picture
  • Uses Windows® EFS to reliably encrypt files and folders without entering a password.
  • Specifies additional people, who can read the encrypted data.
  • Creates transportable encrypted ZIPs, which can be opened without password.
  • Requires Windows® Professional.
Start CryptManager:
  • Reuschtools->Setup->CryptManager
  • Right-click on a file or a folder->CryptManager


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4 System Image

4.1 Install Backup

Install Backup no picture
  • Creates a backup copy of Windows®, programs, passwords and settings.
  • Data folders are not backed up.
Start Install Backup:
  • Reuschtools->System Image->Create or update System Image


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4.2 Install Restore

Install Restore can run from an independent recovery environment that is separate from the network.
The recovery environment can start from the hard drive or from a USB stick.

Install Restore no picture
  • Resets Windows®, programs, passwords and settings back to the time of the System Image backup.
  • Data folders remain unaffected.
  • Or creates another Windows® environment, on a drive, USB drive or second PC, which can be selected on restart.
Start Install Restore:
  • Reuschtools->System Image->Restore or copy System Image


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In an emergency, administrators can start the recovery environment on all computers synchroniously and automatically restore Windows® from a clean software backup.
A disaster recovery takes no longer than a coffee break.