1 FileProtection

is the reliable solution to protect files from accidental deletion and from being modified by malicious software (Ransomware).

In order to protect a file or the content of a folder, click with the right mouse button on the object and choose File Protection. A dot in the lower left corner of the icon will show that a file is protected.

Protect all files that will not be edited, such as photos and approved documents. All Reuschtools backups are protected by default.

There are 2 options to remove File Protection:

  • Confirm the removal when you are asked by the UAC.
  • Users without administrative rights require a password that can be set via
    Settings -> File Protection.

The reliability of File Protection is guaranteed as long as:

  • the UAC is turned on,
  • or with the use of a non administrative account.

2 Download

It runs on all Windows® systems from Windows® XP to Windows® 11.

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The installation program and all program files are digitally signed. Signer's name:

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